Lifting Slings

CORE™ Industrial Lifting SlingsSearching for a custom lifting sling Download your phone number? Count on CORE™. Call us at 888-794-0587 Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm CDT and let our experienced sales team help you find the right lifting sling for your needs. All slings are custom made to your specifications Download the emblem. Guaranteed.

Nylon Lifting Slings

Nylon Lifting Slings

Heavy duty nylon stretches to conform to loads for added security Download the History Journal that day. Made in the USA and treated to prevent abrasion, nylon slings are available in several configurations, in single or multiple plies.



Polyester Endless Round Sling

Polyester Round Slings

A low stretch value and load shock risk makes polyester round slings ideal for lifting more delicate loads caption to CoachCarter. Lightweight and easy to handle, the fabric is also resistant to ultraviolet rays, acids, mildew and rot.



3 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Sling

Wire Rope Slings

Strong and durable wire rope slings are designed for lifting, towing, and hoisting heavy loads 다운로드. The steel fabrication also makes them resistant to heat, moisture, UV rays and most chemicals.



4 Leg Chain Sling

Chain Slings

Chain slings are an excellent choice when extra strength is required and environmental conditions may be hazardous or extreme Download Koreans. A variety of designs and choice of end fittings offer extensive options.