Nylon Lifting Slings

Nylon Lifting SlingCORE ™ Nylon Lifting slings are ideal for applications requiring flexibility, durability and strength.  Nylon web slings are also very versatile making them an economical choice over other types of lifting slings.

Manufactured in the USA, our Nylon webbing is industrial strength and treated for abrasion resistance. CORE™ Industrial Lifting Slings are trusted throughout the industry for providing safe, quality products and exceptional service.

Nylon and Polyester Lifting Sling Features:

Load Protection

  • Pliable
  • Conforms to load providing a tight grip
  • Elasticity allows sling to absorb shock
  • Won’t scratch finished surfaces


  • Durable
  • Treated for abrasion resistance
  • Holds up against UV, moisture and certain chemical exposure*
  • Strength
  • Ideal for temperatures less than 194°F
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and store


  • Durable heat-imprinted sewn-on tag
  • Meets or exceeds all present OSHA & ASME B30.9 Standards


*Check out our sling safety page for more information regarding sling use, sling safety and sling inspection.

CORE™ Industrial Lifting Slings offers nylon slings in many different configurations to suit your lifting needs.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, our Lifting Sling Experts will work with you to fabricate a nylon sling that meets your specifications.  We Guarantee it.  CORE™ Industrial Lifting Slings is conveniently located in order to ship quickly and efficiently.  Call our experienced staff at 888-794-0587 Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm CDT to order a quality nylon lifting sling.

Check out our Nylon Lifting Slings:

Nylon Triangle Choker

Nylon Triangle Choker Slings – Type 1

Nylon Triangle Choker Slings feature alloy steel end fittings and are known for their effectiveness in choker hitches but also work well in vertical and basket lifting.

Nylon Triangle Slings – Type 2

Nylon Triangle Slings feature alloy steel triangle hardware on each end of the strap and work well in basket hitches. They can also be used in vertical hitches but should not be used in choker hitch applications.

Nylon Eye and Eye Flat

Nylon Eye and Eye Slings – Type 3

Nylon eye and eye slings feature flat eye loops and work well in all hitch types making them a versatile and economical choice.

Nylon Twisted Eye and Eye Slings – Type 4

Nylon twisted eye and eye slings feature eyes twisted at 90°. They are great multipurpose lifting slings that can be used in choker, vertical, and basket hitches.

Nylon Endless

Nylon Endless Slings – Type 5

Nylon Endless Slings feature a continuous loop and are popular for their affordability, versatility and strength.

Nylon Reverse Eye Slings-Type 6

Nylon reverse eye slings feature texturized wear pads in the eyes which provides greater abrasion resistance than standard webbing.

Nylon Continuous Eye Wide Slings – Type 8

Nylon continuous eye wide slings feature an extra wide body with tapered eyes and provide maximum load stability for heavy duty basket hitch lifting.

Nylon Attached Eye Wide Slings – Type 9

Nylon attached eye wide slings are popular for delicate, lighter duty load applications where additional width is needed for load stability.