Nylon Continuous Eye Wide Slings – Type 8

Nylon Continuous Eye Wide Slings

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Nylon continuous eye wide slings are designed to provide maximum load stability for heavy loads in basket hitch lifting Download the shipbuilding song. Also known as Cargo Slings, these lifting straps feature an extra wide continuous eye body joined side by side with tapered eyes.

CORE™ Nylon Continuous Eye Wide Slings are constructed with quality in the USA.  Our heavy duty nylon webbing is treated for added abrasion resistance 기타 튜너 다운로드. CORE™ Continuous Eye Wide Slings come standard with a heat-imprinted tag and meet or exceed all present OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards.

Continuous eye wide slings are available in a variety of capacities and configurations.  Contact our lifting experts at 888-794-0587 Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm CDT and let us offer the best industrial lifting solution for your application 알함브라 궁전의 추억 1화.

CORE™ Industrial Slings also offers Reverse Eye and Eye Slings which are similar in construction but have a narrower sling body and lower load bearing capacity. Attached eye wide slings are also available for lighter applications where additional width is required for load support.


Nylon Continuous Eye Wide Sling Capacity Chart

Nylon Continuous Eye Wide Sling Capacity Chart

core-slings-warning-sign Do not exceed work load limits. Sling failure can cause death or injury. Failure may result from sling damage, misuse and excessive wear. Inspect before use. Follow industry standards & regulations.

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