Nylon Reverse Eye Slings-Type 6

Nylon Reverse Eye Slings-Type 6

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Nylon reverse eye slings offer heavy duty strength, flexibility and durability all-life experience. This lifting sling features reverse eyes on both ends of the strap with eye widths equal to half of the body with. The eye loops are sewn open at 90°, or perpendicular, to the sling body 소시전2. Both eyes and sling body are reinforced with texturized nylon wear pads which are more resistant to abrasion than standard webbing. Sling life can be extended by reversing the eyes and exposing the other side of the sling to wear. Reverse eye slings will work in all three hitches but are more advantageous in a choker or basket hitch 라벨뷰 7.0.

Made in the USA, CORE™ Nylon Reverse Eye Slings are trusted for their quality and safety features.  Our nylon slings feature a durable heat-imprinted tag and meet or exceed all present OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards Download the loadview photo.

Nylon Reverse Eye slings are available from CORE™ Industrial Lifting Slings in several different widths, lengths and rating capacities.  If you need assistance in determining what lifting sling will work best for your application call our lifting sling specialists at 888-794-0587 Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm CDT and let us help solve your lifting problem 화씨 911.

CORE™ Industrial Lifting Slings also offers a Reversed Eye Flat – Type 7 sling where the body is turned 180° forming an eye that is in the same position as the sling body Sniper Loader.exe 다운로드. If standard webbing is acceptable for your lifting application check out our Nylon Twisted Eye and Eye Slings 마이크로 소프트 시큐리티 에센셜 다운로드.

Nylon Reverse Eye Sling Capacity Chart

Nylon Reverse Eye Sling

core-slings-warning-sign Do not exceed work load limits. Sling failure can cause death or injury. Failure may result from sling damage, misuse and excessive wear. Inspect before use. Follow industry standards & regulations.

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