Chain Slings

Chain Lifting Sling ApplicationChain slings are ideal when extra strength is required and environmental conditions may be extreme or hazardous. Resistant to both abrasion and cutting, the sling’s capacity can also be maintained under special conditions, such as high temperatures (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit/204 degrees Celsius), with no strength reduction 맥 icloud 사진 다운로드. Chain slings also have the ability to adapt to the shape of a load for safer transport. Chain slings are also a good choice when a custom assembly is needed 배경사진 다운로드.
The type, size, length, and end fittings are all determined by the user, for a variety of configurations.

Chain Sling Features:


  • Extremely strong
  • Resistant to abrasions
  • Able to withstand high temperatures
  • Adapts to the shape of a load

Available Options

  • Grade 80 alloy sling chain
  • Grade 100 alloy sling chain
  • Diameters from 9/32″ to 1-1/4″;
    larger diameters available by request
  • Single leg, double leg and quad leg;
    additional styles available by request Download Sandol Cinema Theater.
  • Choice of fittings: sling hooks,
    grab hooks, foundry hooks, clevis hooks,
    self-locking hooks, and oblongs


  • Quenched and tempered before proof
    testing for twice the strength of ordinary
    steel chain Download New West Organic Season 5. The minimum elongation is
    20% at break test
  • Meets or exceeds the latest guidelines of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM), ANSI B30.9 standards and OSHA specifications
  • Proof-tested to 2x the vertical rating,
    ISO certified and clearly tagged



*Check out our sling safety page for more information regarding sling use, sling safety and sling inspection Download spss 24 Korean editions.

CORE™ Industrial Lifting Slings offers chain slings in several different configurations to suit your lifting needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for 오늘밤에? Call our team of lifting sling experts at 888-794-0587 to fabricate a sling to meet your specifications.  We guarantee it Download Zombies. Our convenient Midwest location means orders ship quickly and efficiently.

Check out our Chain Slings and Fittings:

Single Leg Chain Sling

Single Leg Chain Sling

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A single leg chain sling is comprised of a single chain length with fittings on each end. For use in a vertical hitch.

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2 Leg Chain Sling

Double Leg Chain Sling


A double leg chain sling has two lengths of chain joined by an oblong at the top. Hooks or other fittings are at each bottom end.

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4 Leg Chain Sling

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A 4 leg chain sling (also sometimes called a quad leg sling) has four single chains joined by an oblong at the top and hooks or other fittings at each bottom end Absolute drink.

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