Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Sling ApplicationCORE™ Industrial Wire rope slings are a common choice for lifting when you need strength, durability and resistance to abrasion or elements Download the Monopoly movie. The twisted strands of heavy duty wires are extremely durable and they create a high tensile strength.  Wire rope slings can be assembled in a variety of configurations and sizes for nearly any lifting application Download fact assault. Wire rope is constructed of various grades of steel making it resistant to elements such as moisture, heat, UV and most chemicals. Some large industries that utilize wire rope slings are Mining, Oil/Gas, Crane, Construction, Logging, Utilities and Marine Download the heat.

Wire rope consists of a number of small individual wires that are formed into strands. The strands are then twisted together to form one solid rope 윈도우10 교육용. This is referred to as the wire rope class which is indicated by the number of strands and then a range of wires per strand.

CORE™ Industrial Wire Rope Sling Features:


  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Resistant to abrasion (unlike nylon/polyester)
  • Resistant to heat (wire core/ not fiber core)

 Grades of Wire Rope:

  • IWRC – Independent Wire Rope Core
  • IPS – Improved Plow Steel
  • EIPS – Extra Improved Plow Steel
  • EEIPS – Extra Extra Improved Plow Steel

Common Wire Rope Configurations for Sling Production:

  • The composition of wire rope used in lifting slings is typically a 6×19 or 6×37 Class cemu.
  • Class 6×19 is a 6-strand rope that contains 19 to 26 wires per strand.
  • Class 6×37 is a 6-strand rope that contains 27 to 49 wires per strand 킬링 이브.



Check Out Our Wire Rope Slings:

Single Leg Wire Rope

Single Leg Wire Rope Sling

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Single Leg Wire Rope Slings is a versatile sling that features an eye loop swaged on both ends of the sling. Single Leg slings work well in all hitch types Bloody youth.

Sliding Choker Wire Rope Sling

Sliding Choker Wire Rope Slings

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Sliding Choker Wire Rope Slings are designed with a hook that slides freely between the eyes allowing one to create an adjustable hitch around the load 컴퓨터 라이브 배경 화면.

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Cable Laid Ultra Flex Wire Rope Sling

Cable Laid Wire Rope Slings

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Cable laid wire rope slings slings are designed for applications that require flexibility and resistance to kinking.

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2 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Sling

2 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Slings

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2 Leg Bridle Slings are constructed of two wire rope assemblies that are attached to an Oblong Ring. These slings can be fitted with a variety of hook ends 한글 낱말카드.

3 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Sling

3 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Slings

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3 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Slings are constructed of three wire rope assemblies that attach to an Oblong Ring. These slings are great for unbalanced loads Android File Manager.

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4 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Sling

4 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Slings

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4 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Slings are designed for balanced or unbalanced loads and for heavy lifts when the weight can easily be distributed over four points 나니아연대기 1 다운로드.

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